El barrio buenas noches amor teatro real

The neighborhood I will not return

Babies Only’ is a collaboration between ‘Les Arts és Educació’ and the Institut de Dansa Educocreativa i Social, specialized in the promotion, training, research and innovation in the field of dance in society, and chaired by Alicia Herrero.

The series will be structured in a season of two episodes of approximately 45 minutes each and the producers have the right, but not the obligation, to record a second season with two more episodes.

Specifically, the work to be carried out includes: revisions, inspection and control operations; cleaning, consolidation, protection and finishing, as well as consolidation and reintegration; and protection and finishing. These works will last 3 months and the process and relevant data of the restoration will be included in a book about them.

This exhibition allows the visitor to reflect on who Andy Warhol was, what was, and is, his importance for the art sector and, above all, what Pop Art is, by the hand of its most representative artist.

The album combines the «delicacy» of the English masters Benjamin Britten and Henry Purcell with the «dramatism» of Franz Schubert; the «crepuscular» ‘Abendempfindung’ by Mozart with the «Iberian sparkles» in ‘El mirar de la maja’ by Enrique Granados; passing through the «typically French refinement» of Gabriel Fauré and the aforementioned Poulenc.

The neighborhood

Broselianda. I think we have it because when I talk about empathy, Amaury, is that without saying anything to each other, I have been able to arrive at a rehearsal and tell him: «Wait a minute, Carlos, I have to cry out there», and he comes out, stays serious, gives me a cigarette -like a movie-, just like that, in silence, he takes another cigarette, I finish crying and there is nothing more to talk about.

Broselianda. Well, exactly, they were doctors, my grandfather and my grandmother. I hardly knew my grandfather, he died at a very young age, but he was a great doctor and also, well, my background, that great-grandmother was a night teacher, she had an incredible voice, she was a chiquititica person, with very blue eyes, and half crazy -half crazy because I can guess it in the photos-, and with all her culture and her great intelligence, she had married the winemaker of the town.

Broselianda. But he had many spelling mistakes and yet she loved him. Not my grandmother, my grandmother married a doctor, she studied medicine for him, but they separated very young and I hardly knew him.

Neighborhood song

Luis Enrique Osorio belongs to the group of Latin American intellectuals who perceived and explained it as an Indo-American fraternity, and in some of his essays he expounded this thought. Osorio is also part of the authors who nourished his work, in a fundamental way, with his work and captured in it the critical and humorous vision of themselves and of society.

Soon after, this family legacy is reinforced by the Salesian fathers, when the young Luis Enrique enters the school and joins the theater group. There he performed plays from the Salesian theatrical repertoire.

Osorio is again linked to the press. He declares his opposition to the government of Pedro Nel Ospina, whom he criticizes incisively, all of which leads to the withdrawal of the sponsorship of the Novela Semanal. He then decides to sell the printing house and travel to Europe.

He landed in Paris, interested in the school of silence, whose most famous representatives were Denis Amiel and Jean-Jacques Bernard. In the city, Osorio sees a lot of theater, reads and works in Louis Forest’s Paris-Sud Amerique magazine. His first article in French is entitled: La plus grande richesse, on Colombian and Latin American cultural wealth.

El barrio youtube he vuelto

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