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Company the musical

One could ask her for hours about the social and environmental conscience she inherited from her parents, or about her support for various independence movements. One could talk to her about all that and a thousand other things, but there is not enough time, especially now, when she is presenting a new album.

It is a way to explain to people the world of sounds. Sometimes when you use visual tools people understand the sound worlds better, I think most people find it difficult to use words to describe a sound.

I don’t know why… I composed those reggaeton beats for those songs. I wasn’t thinking, “Oh, let’s do a reggaeton beat.” It was an unconscious thing, but that’s what brought everything together, shaped it, because the clarinet arrangements on ‘Atopos’, also the trombone and everything on ‘Ovule’, that’s pretty complex stuff, so I needed a very, very simple beat with a lot of energy, that could bring it all together. And reggaeton beats are like that [laughs]. I made the beats myself, with very basic sounds and then we changed the sounds, but using the same rhythmic structure.

How long does the play La llamada last?

La Llamada is a musical about faith, with a live rock band and original songs. 115min.

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How long does Antonio Banderas’ play last?

Duration170 minutes approx (rest 20 min incl….

How long is the Antonio Banderas musical in Malaga?

The show, which lasts just over an hour and a half with a 15-minute intermission, is recommended for children over 10 years of age, and the use of strobe lights at certain moments of the performance is warned. The play opens this coming November 3 and will have sessions until next year 2023, until January 8.

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Since Work in Progress acting school was founded in 2011, we have seen how our students have struggled every day to develop artistically and become better professionals. When we started, in this news section we published everything that happened professionally to students and teachers. But there are so many works and projects, that we have decided to publish here only the most significant. Many of them arrived here thinking that being an actor was a matter of luck, but each of these news shows that talent combined with work and rigor is what makes the difference.

Company theater

This great classic of musical comedy, the work of Stephen Sondheim and George Furth, will be performed for the first time in Spanish by Antonio Banderas as director and star of the show.

Set in New York City, it is a play that explores the human being himself, his fears, love and heartbreak, talks about the behaviors we show in different situations and events, there are laudable behaviors and other reprehensible, and that’s a lot like life, isn’t it?

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She shouldn’t eat sweets, but she does it on the sly. He talks too much and has been drinking more than he should in his time, but he’s on the verge of quitting. They never agree on anything and throw ironic digs at each other. They are a bit manic and even have karate fights. But they love each other and have achieved an unusual stability. And Robert wonders how on earth they have achieved this.

He is a quiet, gentle man. Such a good person that it’s hard to believe he’s sincere. And that’s what keeps Amy in a growing state of panic, especially now that they’re finally getting married. How does she know if the image she has of her future husband matches the reality? But Paul is really like that. And Robert discovers that happiness may not be as enviable as it seems because when you have it, you run the risk of losing it.

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Las Zuquillo is a situation comedy from Ecuador, which began its journey in November 2004 with the premiere of the play “El rabo de Paja de la Anita Zuquillo” (Anita Zuquillo’s Straw Tail), written and directed by Luis Miguel Campos. It is the daily story of four low-class vendors who work in the “Lucila Zuquillo” market in the city of Quito. The series tells how they become great friends and how they are always there to support each other, and also to give each other more problems.

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Actress Monserrath Astudillo played Luchita in the TV series during 165 chapters of the first three seasons. Currently, actress Tania Salas plays that role for theater, television and film.

Las Zuquillo went from theater to television and from television to the circus. More than 300,000 people attended the Zuquillo’s traveling circus show throughout the country. It was a 2-hour show, with a variety of circus acts and the presentation of the Zuquillo’s theatrical sketches.

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