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Como productora, LETSGO cuenta con una amplia experiencia tanto creando y distribuyendo, en redes teatrales convencionales y también bajo el formato de gran carpa, exitosos espectáculos relacionados con el circo moderno (Storm, ¡Eoloh!), como espectáculos de vanguardia (como la saga THE HOLE), combinando burlesque, comedia, música en directo, las mejores rutinas circenses y mucho humor. Sus creaciones han traspasado fronteras y visitado ciudades con tanto peso internacional como París, Milán, Buenos Aires, Colonia o Ciudad de México.

Como promotora, LETSGO busca espectáculos por todo el mundo y consigue tener una cartera con los espectáculos más originales y atractivos del momento, convirtiéndose en un referente nacional para las compañías internacionales en gira por España: Slava’s Snowshow, Pilobolus, Soap, Mayumana, Swan Lake On Ice, Fuerza Bruta…

Como complemento a su versatilidad, LETSGO también ha producido espectáculos multimedia como el piromusical que celebró el X aniversario del Guggenheim Bilbao, del video-mapping musical para el centenario del Ayuntamiento de Valladolid (España).


Since Work in Progress acting school was founded in 2011, we have seen how our students have struggled every day to develop artistically and become better professionals. When we started, in this news section we published everything that happened professionally to students and teachers. But there are so many works and projects, that we have decided to publish here only the most significant. Many of them arrived here thinking that being an actor was a matter of luck, but each of these news shows that talent combined with work and rigor is what makes the difference.

NEXT TO NORMAL IMMERSIVE – Catch Me I’m Falling (Ideal

This great classic of musical comedy, a work by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth, will be performed for the first time in Spanish by Antonio Banderas as director and star of the show.

Set in New York City, it is a play that explores the human being himself, his fears, love and heartbreak, talks about the behaviors we show in different situations and events, there are laudable behaviors and other reprehensible, and that’s a lot like life, isn’t it?

She shouldn’t eat sweets, but she does it on the sly. He talks too much and has been drinking more than he should in his time, but he’s on the verge of quitting. They never agree on anything and throw ironic digs at each other. They are a bit manic and even have karate fights. But they love each other and have achieved an unusual stability. And Robert wonders how on earth they have achieved this.

He is a quiet, gentle man. Such a good person that it’s hard to believe he’s sincere. And that’s what keeps Amy in a growing state of panic, especially now that they’re finally getting married. How does she know if the image she has of her future husband matches the reality? But Paul is really like that. And Robert discovers that happiness may not be as enviable as it seems because when you have it, you run the risk of losing it.

The Bodyguard – I Wanna Dance with Somebody

An architectural jewel of Gran Via considered an «asset of cultural interest» with 1,408 seats capacity. After a major renovation it reopened its doors in 2017 to represent shows such as The Bodyguard and soon Anastasia, the musical that comes directly from Broadway. Its facilities are equally available for the celebration of any event.

Last night, the musical Sonrisas y Lágrimas, starring Silvia Luchetti and Carlos Hipólito and directed by Jaime Azpilicueta, premiered at the Teatro Coliseum in Madrid. The event was attended by well-known faces such as Geraldine Larrosa, José Sacristán, Massiel and Leo Rivera, among others.